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February in the Garden: A Guide to Pre-Spring Preparation

February gardeningAs the shortest month of the year, February holds the promise of spring while still clinging to winter’s chill. In the UK, this is a pivotal time for gardeners to prepare their outdoor spaces for the upcoming season. With days gradually lengthening, February is your opportunity to get ahead in the garden, ensuring a vibrant and healthy landscape for the months to come.

1. Plan Your Garden

Before the full onset of spring, take time to plan. Whether it’s deciding on new plant varieties to introduce or plotting the layout of your vegetable garden, planning is essential. Consider companion planting to boost your garden’s health and productivity.

2. Prune Winter-Flowering Shrubs

After they’ve finished blooming, give your winter-flowering shrubs like witch hazel and winter jasmine a light prune. This encourages new growth and shapes the plant for the seasons ahead.

3. Prepare Soil for Early Sowing

February’s cool yet workable days are perfect for preparing your soil. Clear any weeds and work in plenty of organic matter to enrich the soil, setting the stage for spring planting.

4. Sow Early Vegetables Under Cover

For those eager to start their vegetable garden, sow seeds of hardy vegetables like onions, leeks, and early peas under cover. Use a greenhouse or a cold frame to protect them from the last frosts.

5. Protect Plants from Late Frosts

Keep horticultural fleece at the ready to protect early blooms and budding plants from unexpected late frosts, ensuring that your garden’s early risers survive until warmer weather secures their growth.

6. Maintenance and Cleanup

Tidy up garden beds, borders, and paths. Clearing away leaves, debris, and any dead plant material not only neatens your garden but also reduces the habitat for pests and diseases as the growing season approaches.

7. Wildlife Care

Don’t forget about the wildlife in your garden. Keep bird feeders topped up to support birds through the end of winter, and consider cleaning out bird boxes or installing new ones before the breeding season begins.

Ready, Set, Grow!

February may still feel wintry, but in the garden, it’s a month of preparation and promise. By following these steps, you ensure that your garden has the best possible start to the year. And remember, if the task list seems daunting or if you seek professional advice and assistance, our garden maintenance team is here to help every step of the way.

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