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Decking Installation & Repair


Decking is an ideal, universally applicable solution for covering old, damaged concrete or rough, uneven ground. It is also perfect where elevated seating is required. Decking raises your exterior entertaining areas above damp or muddy ground, and presents a totally…

Fencing Repairs

Fence panel replacement

Broken fence panels are a common eyesore – having your fences mended and maintained by Weed Warriors is highly recommended. Sound, well maintained fences keep undesirable animals out of your garden and also ensure that your property is secure and…

Garden Rubbish Removal

Rubbish removal

Weed Warriors always leave your garden and premises looking at their best! If you have an untidy garden which needs some tender loving care, give us a call and we will take away all of the rubbish and make your…

Driveway Cleaning

Driveway & patio jet washing & cleaning

Weed Warriors can make your outdoor hard surfaces sparkle! Jet washing and patio cleaning are essential services that breathe new life into outdoor living spaces, transforming them from dull, weather-beaten areas into pristine, inviting environments. Over time, patios and driveways…

Scarification & aeration

Scarification & aeration

Scarification is also known as de-thatching and this process is different to lawn raking. The aim of a professional Scarification by Weed Warriors is to remove surface thatch and some sub-surface thatch from the lawn. This procedure is often carried-out…

Lawn Repair

Lawn repair

Weed Warriors can repair your lawn or other grassy areas if they are looking patchy or just generally unattractive. Depending on the severity of the problem we will either make the repair by reconditioning the soil and re-seeding the damaged…

Weed Removal

Weed control

Weed Warriors offer unparalleled expertise in managing unwelcome vegetation, ensuring your garden remains a pristine, weed-free oasis. Understanding that weeds are not just a nuisance but a threat to the health and beauty of your garden, Weed Warriors employs a…

Hedge Maintenance

Hedge Trimming

Hedge maintenance is important not just for aesthetic reasons, but there can be legal reasons why you should get Weed Warriors to keep your hedges trimmed and under control. Hedges come in many shapes, sizes and varieties. Keeping your hedge…

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